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Can Alzheimer’s Disease
Be Reversed?

PMRI is currently conducting the first randomized controlled trial to determine if the progression of early stage Alzheimer’s disease may be reversed by a lifestyle medicine program, without drugs, devices, or surgery.

40+ Years

Pioneering Lifestyle Medicine Research

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

We examined the ability of patients enrolled in the Lifestyle Heart Trial to sustain intensive lifestyle changes for a total of five years and the effects of these lifestyle changes on coronary heart disease. We measured adherence to lifestyle changes, changes in coronary artery percent diameter stenosis, and cardiac events. Outcomes in the experimental group showed significant improvement relative to controls. Additionally, compared to 1 year follow up, 5 year follow ups showed greater improvement relative to controls.

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Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes

Patients with diabetes were able to follow the Ornish program and show the same improvements in coronary risk factors and quality of life as those without diabetes. Patients showed statistically significant decreases in their HgbA1c, and many were able to reduce their diabetes medication.

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Slow, Stop, or Reverse the Progression of Early-Stage Prostate Cancer

A randomized controlled trial showed, for the first time, that the progression of early-stage prostate cancer may be stopped or even reversed with lifestyle medicine after one year.  

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Increase Telomeres, the Ends of Chromosomes That Control Cell Aging

A pilot study showed that comprehensive lifestyle changes may increase the length of telomeres, the ends of chromosomes that control cell aging. As telomeres get longer, our lives get longer.  This is the first study to show that any intervention might lengthen telomeres over time. Lifestyle changes lengthen telomeres

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Turn On Health-Promoting Genes & Turn Off Disease-Promoting Genes

After only three months, this study found that over 500 genes were affected by lifestyle changes: turning on genes that enhance health, turning off genes that promote heart disease, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and colon cancer.

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Optimize Outcomes & Cost-Savings

Medicare announced coverage of the “Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease®,” the first time that Medicare has covered an integrative medicine program.

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